About us

Hi, we are Markus and Tobias Willemeit from Hamburg, passionate music producers and owner of a label „We Funk“, specializing in the production of electronic music in the genres of house, tech house and big room.

We offer you electronic music, produced with a lot of passion and designed with emotionally charged vocals and good vibes, that moves the listener.

We discovered our passion for music at a very early age and we began to play and mix music as children. We also learned to play instruments and to discover the world of music.

Neither of us are studied musicians, but we have developed over many years of experience and through the exchange of knowledge with many other artists, so that today, after we founded our own label in 2015, we can look back on more than 50 releases.

We are not full-time musicians and besides our label and productions we also have our normal jobs and family. There we work with well-known companies who place a high level of trust in us and our work.

Our productions are characterized by high quality audio, emotional tension, a good atmosphere and extremely rhythmic. Further characteristics are always danceable, impulsive, emotional and full.

Nowadays there are many producers, especially in the EDM area, with us you get well-engineered productions that are based on years of experience with a dash of „We Funk“ style that always puts it on top. Our “Sudden Drops” make the difference. Just listen in, we hope you will be entertained 🙂

Bevorstehende Releases: